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The P.U.-litzers

For the past 12 years, FAIR's executive director Jeff Cohen and FAIR associate (and "Media Beat" columnist) Norman Solomon have delivered the P.U.-Litzer Awards, recapping the stinkiest journalism of the past year. As you can imagine, there is usually no shortage of contenders. Here we have compiled the "winners" from each year. Take a look for yourself... and remember to hold your nose.

  • 2004: No Apology for Being Gullible Award, Timidity Rules Prize, and more.
  • 2003: Media Mogul of the Year, Conservative Times for the "Liberal" Media Award, and more.
  • 2002: Media Darwinism Prize, Self-Slander Prize (Ann Coulter), and more.
  • 2001: "Love a Man in a Uniform" Award, Tortuous Punditry Prize, and more.
  • 2000: Mickey Mouse Journalism Award, Going for the Gold and more.
  • 1999: Pre-Pre-Feminist Prize, "Anchors Away to War" and more.
  • 1998: Lewinsky Obsession Award, Corporate Paranoia Prize, Tenderness for Tyrants, and more.
  • 1997:
  • Media McCritic, The Ultimate Headline, You Can't Say That on TV, and more.

  • 1996:
  • Jumping the Gun, Champion of the Overdog, Death by Censorship, Let Them Watch Ads, and more.

  • 1995: Pentagon Pundit Award, "Them, Not Me" Prize, All Hail Wall Street, and more.
  • 1994: Beauties of Bias, Most Simple-Minded Scapegoating, Media Hypocrite of the Year, and the Oscar for Censorship.
  • 1993: Best Kiss Up Interview, Happily Ever NAFTA, Best Columnist of the (19th) Century, and much more.
  • 1992: See-No-Holocaust Journalism, Leave Education to Beaver Award, Best Commentary with Class, Back to the Closet Award, and much more.

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