Washington Post: The Problem With Populism

Sen. Bernie Sanders (cc photo: Don Shall)

The Washington Post sees "political risks" for the Democratic Party in a revived left agenda–which is hard to figure, since all of the "left" issues it identifies are all broadly popular.


Obama's Right-Wing Plan to Win the Center

Forget about "winning the future"–Barack Obama wants to win the center. That's what the Washington Post is telling readers (7/25/11): Obama 'Big Deal' on Debt a Gamble to Win the Center Advisers think securing his plan would ensure general-election victory The Post's Zachary A. Goldfarb (who can't be held responsible for the headline) explained that Obama was making Republicans an offer they couldn't refuse. In exchange for trillions of dollars in cuts, including to Medicare and Social Security, Republicans would have to agree to a fraction of that in increased tax revenue. He added: Obama's political advisers have long believed […]