Hannity: Obama's Extreme 'Liberal Agenda' Is Now 'Center-Right'

In the lead-up to the November 4 election, Fox News host Sean Hannity warned (10/26/08) that an Obama victory would represent "a complete liberal takeover." He opined that a Democratic electoral victory would herald "an unchecked, ultraliberal government, passing the most liberal agenda under the most liberal president in U.S. history." Citing the National Journal's flawed survey that called Obama the "most liberal senator," Hannity called the Democratic nominee "more extreme than Barbara Boxer or Russ Feingold, and even the admitted socialist Bernie Sanders." So what's a conservative news channel to do when the American people turn out in droves […]


The Times, Obama and Ayers: 2,100 Words, and What Was the Point?

The New York Times splashed the Barack Obama-Bill Ayers "connection" story on the front page of Saturday's paper. Obama's practically non-existent ties to former Weather Underground figure William Ayers have been the subject of endless speculation among folks like right-wing yakker Sean Hannity, who suggested to ABC'sGeorge Stephanopoulos that he should ask about Obama about Ayers in a debate (whichStephanopoulos subsequently did). So with a little more than a month left before the election, the Times grants2,100 words to explaining… well, that "the two men do not appear to have been close." So why write the story in the first […]