Note to David Gregory: The US Is Not the World


NBC's Meet the Press host makes some misleading claims about Iran–thankfully an Iranian official is there to challenge him. Unfortunately, the show then tapped Jeffrey Goldberg to offer a 'reality check' on Iran's nuclear program.


Meet the White Guys: NBC Panel Tackles Affirmative Action


An NBC roundtable on affirmative action–dominated by conservative white men.


Jeffrey Goldberg, WMD Expert?

FireShot Screen Capture #024 - 'Meet The Press_ The latest on the crisis in Syria' - www_msnbc_msn_com_id_3032608_#50136015

When Meet the Press needed an expert to talk about Syria's chemical weapons, they turned to Jeffrey Goldberg– who got Iraq's WMDs spectacularly wrong.


When War Is in the Air on PBS

One of the most troubling aspects of all the media coverage of an attack on Iran is that it can make a radically destabilizing act of unprovoked war seem like just another policy choice. I thought of this when I saw a PBS NewsHour segment (3/28/12) that set out to ponder the consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran. PBS reporter Margaret Warner oddly framed Israeli public opinion this way: Though the Iranian regime has vowed to destroy the Jewish state, recent polls in Israel show only 19 percent would support their government attacking Iran unilaterally. Hearing that, you might […]


Jeffrey Goldberg Pushes for War With Iraq–er, Make That Iran

Former Israeli soldier and current writer for the Atlantic Jeffrey Goldberg has a long cover story (9/10) on the "better than 50 percent chance" that Israel will launch air strikes against Iran by next July, with the aim of taking out the alleged nuclear threat from the Islamic Republic. Based on roughly 40 interviews with American, Arab and Israeli officials–some of them anonymously–Goldberg meanders from describing the worst-case scenario for what will happen after Israel attacks Iran to relaying dubious Israeli claims about how Iran is the new Nazi Germany to an analysis of Netanyahu's relationship with his right-wing 100-year-old […]


Journalistic Standards Plunging, Say Anonymous Name-Calling Friends

Salon's Glenn Greenwald has an illuminating post (6/27/10) that argues that the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, with his "self-praising, desperately insecure need to tout his own wisdom, knowledge and expertise, while demeaning those who are not admitted to his Special Club…is a perfectly illustrative face of the American establishment media." Responding to Goldberg's assertion (Atlantic, 6/25/10) that the resignation of Washington Post blogger Dave Weigel after making anti-conservative comments in what he thought was a private forum reflected "a lack of adult supervision, and…the proper amount of toilet-training," Greenwald wrote: In his first post arguing that Weigel's hiring evinced the Post's […]