FAIR TV: The Beltway Bubble, Syria Stenography, Iran's "Meddling"

This week on FAIR TV, we look at the bubble that Joe Scarborough and David Gregory live in– where the government must make "big" spending cuts, and Paul Krugman doesn't know economic. Also, does ABC's Martha Raddatz understand what the government is telling her about Syria? And Reuters grants a U.S. government official anonymity to complain about Iran meddling in other countries.


FAIR TV: Obama's Liberal Inaugural?, Anonymous Iran Truth-Telling, PBS Drone Conflict

In the latest edition of FAIR TV: Did Barack Obama's inaugural address really signify a shift to the left? Plus the Washington Post gives the government a chance to make anonymous claims about how much Iranians are suffering due to their sanctions policy. And PBS takes a look at drones,with special funding from… drone manufacturer Lockheed Martin? Take a look:


FAIR TV: France vs. Spain, NYT Erases West Bank Occupation, Wall Street Journal's Tax Graphic

On the new FAIR TV: The Washington Post says France had better slash wages and benefits in order to be more like Spain. Why would they want to do that? The New York Times erases a headline referring to the occupation of the West Bank. And when the Wall Street Journal wanted to show¬† what the new tax deal meant for "you"–who exactly did they have in mind?


FAIR TV: Peacenik Chuck Hagel, Pundits vs. Elderly, Another Bogus OWS Story

This week on FAIR TV: Can Chuck Hagel really be considered anti-war? Pundits are mad about the fiscal cliff tax deal–they wanted more Social Security and Medicare cuts. And Murdoch's New York Post made another attempt to link Occupy Wall Street to crime–and other media outlets went along.


FAIR TV: Media Cliff Concern for the Wealthy, Syrian Cluster Bombs vs. American Ones

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FAIR TV: Bradley Manning Blackout, Tax Hike Spin, Covering Poverty– and $450 Starbucks Gift Cards

The stories that came out due to the information Bradley Manning allegedly leaked have been explosive, front page news. But his trial? Not so much. And Maria Bartiromo told Meet the Press that tax increases on the wealthy are really tax increases for everyone. And why was a Starbucks $450 gift card front page news at USA Today– right underneath a stirring piece about poverty? FAIR TV breaks it down:


FAIR TV: Obama's 'Non-Mandate,' Final Factchecking Fail, Climate Science

This week on FAIR TV: How does Obama's "non-mandate" compare to Bush's 2004 "mandate"? Does corporate media factchecking need a reality check? And we look at how superstorm Sandy failed to generate talk about climate change on the Sunday shows. Please watch it–and share it with your friends.<!–preview-break–>


FAIR TV: Chavez vs. Corporate Media, Greening Fracking, NYT's Mideast Time Machine

FAIR TV takes a look at how the U.S. media handled the Venezuelan election, how the Washington Post "greened" fracking and how the New York Times used a time machine to "fix" a headline about Israel/Palestine. Watch it, share it with your friends and please leave a comment below.  


FAIR TV: August 10, 2012

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