Will Condi Rice Run for President?! (Spoiler Alert: No)


If the question is "Will Condi Rice run for president?" and you know that her on-the-record answer to this is no…. Well, what's the point of this piece again?


Press Corp 'Dean' Preaches 'Purposeful Ignorance'

Quoting John Dewey's warning about "the proper role of the press in a democracy"–"a class of experts is inevitably so removed from common interests as to become a class with private interests and private knowledge"–Eric Alterman finds it (Nation, 5/6/09) "difficult to imagine a more telling–and disturbing–manifestation of Dewey's prediction than the current torture debate in Washington": Even after the disgraceful performance of so many armchair warriors during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, who would have dared predict the willingness, nay, eagerness, of respected journalists and pundits to argue in favor of purposeful ignorance? Sadly, many of them […]